We invest in emerging-market companies on a mission to change the world.

Across All Stages

Our proven investment strategy spans all stages of a company’s growth, from seeding innovations in emerging markets to funding early-stage companies in high-growth markets to fueling the growth of market leaders. Any stage of growth is the right stage to partner with us. We can add value and offer expert guidance throughout your company’s lifecycle—whether your big idea is at its inception or has already progressed to be a viable reality.

How Venture Capital Funding Works

Action Advise Limited invests in ambitious, fast-growing companies with the potential to develop into significant businesses.

In addition to injecting cash into your company, we add considerably to the credibility of the company, supply management expertise as well as support and grant access to our network of industry specialists.

In contrast to bank finance, we are not looking for scheduled repayment, but for a minority of the share ownership of your company in return for the cash.

For example, if your company is valued at $300K and you are seeking funding of $30K to grow your business, at that valuation $30K is worth 10% of your business which we will purchase as an investment.

The company must be in a fast-growing, attractive sector, with a strong management team and demonstrable skills. The product/service must solve a clearly identified problem.

Is Venture Capital an option for you?

  • Does my company have high growth prospects and is my team ambitious to grow the company rapidly?
  • Does my company have a product or service with a competitive edge or unique selling point?
  • Can it be protected by intellectual property rights?
  • Can I demonstrate relevant industry experience?
  • Does my team have the relevant skills to deliver on the business plan fully?
  • Am I willing to sell some of the company’s shares to a private equity investor?

If your answers are “yes”, external equity is worth considering. If “no”,  it may be that your proposal is not suitable for venture capitalists and it may take additional work on your behalf to make the proposal “investor ready”. 

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